Before booking a motorcycle course please make sure you have a valid provisional licence for Category A1, A2 & A (old Group D) or a Category AM if you only wish to ride a moped up to 50cc.

If you have the new style driving licence you must produce the plastic licence and also the paper counterpart. Failure to provide both parts of your licence will result in your training or test being cancelled.

Loan machines range from 50cc to 650cc. A loan motorcycle will include all costs in relation to fuel, helmet, jacket, trousers, gloves and insurance. Each training day will consist of at least five hours tuition.

The maximum on road training ratio will be one instructor to two students. When training on the road, riders will always be in radio contact with their instructor.


Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

CBT is normally completed in one day and is mandatory for all learner riders who wish to ride on the public highway. After passing the CBT you are permitted to ride a machine up to 125cc on the public road (not motorways), you must display L plates (or D plates in Wales) and are not permitted to carry any passengers. Persons aged 16 years are restricted to a 50cc machine.

The CBT certificate is valid for two years from the date of issue.

Motorcycle Theory Test

With effect from the 1st February 2001 all new riders, including full car license holders must pass the motorcycle theory test before taking the practical motorcycle test. For advice on publications to study prior to taking the theory test, and the procedures to book a theory test, contact us, we will be happy to help.


Practical Training – Module 1 and Module 2

After passing your CBT and motorcycle theory test you are then able to proceed on with your practical training and test.

Depending on your age, or type of machine you wish to ride you can either take the A1 standard 125cc motorcycle test (17-19 year old) A2 classed as medium bike up to 35kw (19-24 year old) and A Direct Access, unlimited to size/power of machine (24 year and over)


As a general guide courses are normally conducted as follows:-

Module 1 – Off Road Manouevres

One day training for all CBT holders followed by the DSA Module 1 test on day 2.

Module 2 – On Road Practical Test

Two day course for car drivers who have some experience in motorcycling (even if a long time ago!).
Three day course is structured to meet the needs of provisional license holders with limited driving or riding skills.