Direct Access

Persons aged 24 years or older are permitted to take the test on a large machine of at least 595cc. A test pass will allow you to ride any size bike straight away.

At UMT we have a large fleet of machines that fully meet the DAS training and testing criteria. Depending on your experience UMT would recommend a training course that will get your riding skills up to test standard. As a general guide examples of various courses are below:

Module 1 – A Series of Off-Road Manoeuvres

On day one you will be training all day to cover the 11 elements required by the DSA in Module 1. On the second day you will take the Module 1 test at the DSA test centre in Newport. Any spare time on the second day will not be spent in cafes’ eating bacon sandwiches, but will be spent improving your general riding skills in the Newport area with on-road training.


Module 2 – Road Safety Questions and On-Road Ride

Two days of on-road training is the minimum advised for individuals with some riding experience or may have been riding for a long period since passing their CBT. The practical test will take place at the end of the second training day.

The training days are full days (minimum of 5 hours) normally starting at 9.30am and finishing at 3pm. On road training will be conducted with a maximum training ratio of two students to one instructor, you will also have radio contact with your instructor at all times.

At a later stage after passing your practical test you may wish to take an Advanced riding course.

Passing an advanced motorcycle test such as the Driving Instructor Association (DIA) or the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) will make you a safer rider, it could help reduce your insurance premiums and will certainly help to make your riding much more enjoyable.