Scooters have recently become a very popular form of transport. They give you independence, easy to park, fun to ride and extremely cheap to run.

The minimum age to ride a machine up to 50cc is 16 years. For machines greater than 50cc the rider must be at least 17 years old. ScootersĀ fall into three categories:

Category AM – Moped/Scooter license up to 50cc,

Sub-Category A1 – Light Motorcycle/Scooter license is for a machine between 75cc to 125cc with a power output of 11kW. (A common scooter size is 100cc).

Category A – Motorcycle/Scooter license is for a machine between 121cc to 125cc and capable of traveling at least 100 kph (approx 60 mph).


To take your practical test you must first pass a CBT and a motorcycle theory test. From 27 April 2009, the practical test is split into two separate modules; module 1 is a set of off-road maneuvers and module 2 being the on-road ride.

When you pass both modules on a scooter it will give you a full entitlement for the category of machine you were riding on your test, but your license will be restricted to automatic machines.