Standard 125cc


After passing your CBT and motorcycle theory test you are then able to take your practical motorcycle test. From 27 April 2009 the practical test has been split into two separate modules. From 17 years old a 125cc tst can be taken.

Persons aged between 17 to 19 years are only permitted to take the test on a 125cc machine that does not have a power output exceeding 11kW.

Depending on your experience UMT would recommend a training course that would get your riding skills up to test standard. As a general guide examples of various courses are below:



Module 1

Day 1: On day one training all day will cover the 11 elements required by the DSA in Module 1, which can be found on

Day 2: On day two you will take the test at the DSA test center in Newport. Any spare time on day 2 will be spent doing on-road training.

Module 2

motorcycle_2 (1)


Training will take place as follows:

Two-day course for individuals who have some riding experience

Three-day course for individuals who have little or no driving or riding experience

The training days are full days (minimum of 5 hours) normally starting at 9.30am. On road training will be conducted with a maximum training ratio of two students to one instructor, you will also have radio contact at all times.

The practical test will take place on the final day of training.

In general, on the day of your test, you will have a full day of training, with mock tests in the morning followed by your practical test in the afternoon.

Having passed your practical test on a 125cc machine you will be restricted to ride any machine up to a power output of 11kW.

If passed on A2 you will be restricted to ride any machine up to a power output of 11kW.

Riders over the age of 24 can take the Direct Access Scheme (DAS) which will entail learning and being tested on a ‘big bike’ with a power output of at least 595cc